Strong foundations

through effective involvement of people

with Groundwork Associates

The Groundwork Associates team leads collaborative processes to achieve positive, lasting outcomes for people and the environment. 

We’ve helped to stimulate understanding and effective action for over 300 successful projects in the community, environment, agriculture, and climate and sustainability sectors. We thrive in messy, complex situations, with multiple organisations and participants with diverse needs, views and expertise . 

Our clients value our effective service delivery, versatility and in-depth knowledge of their sectors.


Our team has many years experience working in and across these areas. From our base in the Waikato, our diverse projects have taken us nationwide.


Are you running a workshop to get stakeholder feedback? Conducting baseline research for insights into your target audience? Upskilling staff through specialist training? Do you need to solve a more complex problem or influence a situation to create lasting change?

Groundwork Associates can provide a single service or a suite of services to meet your needs.