Groundwork has strong business systems and excellent working relationships with consultants who complement our core skill set.
This approach to consultancy allows us to quickly build specialist project teams and to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.
Here are some of the people we enjoy working with the most.


Nigel has worked with rural communities, agricultural industries, businesses and farming families for 25 years. He has a wide range of experience in business consulting, training, project management, governance, and facilitation. He has managed major projects on social research, decision making, and community planning. He has written publications on succession planning and business skills decision making. He is always innovative in his approach and provides leadership to community organisations and businesses.


Helen and Annie have delivered sustainable agriculture extension, research and facilitation services together since 1999. Helen is an experienced facilitator and researcher with a background in community and environmental projects. She has led several action research projects about engaging rural communities in environmental management and conservation. She has been involved in the design and delivery of facilitation training for community members and local and central government staff. Her facilitation and research practice is focused on the environment, agriculture and development issues. It includes helping groups and agencies with strategic planning, community involvement, and adult learning.


Michelle is a facilitator, trainer, and consultant specialising in public participation and community engagement. She has a background in natural resource management. Michelle has an academic and practical knowledge of change management processes, particularly in rural development. Michelle has more than 20 years’ experience as a professional facilitator working with the private, public and voluntary sectors. Michelle has delivered training courses on how to work effectively with the community in conservation and environmental education throughout New Zealand. She has been involved in the delivery of facilitation training in both Australia and New Zealand.


Ian has worked with Annie since 1995 as a facilitator and extension strategist. Although he’s employed full-time, Groundwork still pulls him in as a strategic advisor, valued for his positive attitude and down to earth approach. We draw on his wealth of experience and strong industry knowledge to support us with extension strategy and facilitation planning, especially for programmes with gritty agricultural content.


Jo is an experienced facilitator in the agricultural sector with strong dairy extension skills. She has a strong understanding of science and as well farming knowledge. In addition to her exceptional facilitation skills, Groundwork values Jo for her positive energy and her ability to bridge between science and farming.

Robin and Annick

Robin and Annick do applied research for development and are skilled in facilitation of agriculture extension, leadership learning, and tacit knowledge dissemination through applied social research. They have a deep understanding of the factors underpinning agricultural production, based on how psychosocial factors influence the adoption of scientific findings and how these disciplines can best be combined to ensure optimal production outcomes in the field.


James first discovered a range of dialogue tools and processes while in Zimbabwe. This inspired him to learn more and go on to develop his facilitation skills. James brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in systems support, including extensive technical experience and ease with software especially web-based tools which are beginning to have a positive impact on the internal systems within Groundwork Associates. In his quiet time, he can be found working on Food Forest projects.


Finn first started with Groundwork in 2015, after completing a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design at The University of Waikato. On completing his Masters in 2017, he joined Groundwork full-time as a Digital Media Designer. Finn now has a support role at Groundwork and can assist with video production and photography.