We effectively involve people, ensuring knowledge is drawn out, needs are heard and the context understood before taking action.

We involve those affected, guiding complex decision making, planning and delivery that leads to positive action on the ground. We work across a broad spectrum of community members and organisations and their agency and institutional partners.

Here’s where we can make a difference 

  • Help farmers, growers and landowners work and learn collectively
  • Engage and facilitate farmers, growers and landowners to address water quality through effective land management 
  • Integrate community (including ethnic and migrant) perspectives and experiences into research and policy 
  • Enhance understanding of decision-making processes within rural production sectors

Projects we've worked on

Supporting ecological trust establishment and community consultation

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust (MEIT)

Groundwork played an integral role in establishing and developing MEIT, working with them to clarify objectives, develop functions and integrate participatory methods into their work. MEIT needed an efficient, effective, low cost way to consult a wide range of stakeholders on its plan for New Zealand’s largest predator proof sanctuary.

Groundwork led a year long engagement programme to establish community partnerships. This included training local volunteers in facilitation to minimise costs and completing a massive community consultation exercise in a relatively short time.

We’ve used and referred back to that work continuously since it was done…Whenever we’ve looked at another step forward we’ve gone back and checked over whatever people’s views were at the time and made sure we’ve stayed in line with those views – so the work’s been very valid right up until the present.
Jim Mylchreest, MEIT

Developing the NZ Human Rights Strategy

Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission needed to consult extensively and consistently with the public to develop a national human rights action plan for New Zealand.

Groundwork helped receive input from over 5,000 people nationwide by training 15 Human Rights Commission staff in participatory appraisal consultation methods and supporting them during the consultation process. Groundwork also facilitated consultation with people in rural Waikato.

We found Groundwork’s services [to be] tailored to the client and the project. Friendly, innovative, flexible…[and] empowering – because Annie actually teaches people to share the knowledge and the tools.
Kathy Lys (formerly Human Rights Commission)

Contributing to the Healthy Rivers Wai Ora plan change development process

Waikato Regional Council and Waikato and Waipa River Iwi

The project partners wanted to engage the community in developing changes to the regional plan to help restore and protect the health of the Waikato and Waipa rivers.

Groundwork facilitated a series of community engagement workshops, and coached and mentored council staff involved in delivering the community engagement aspects of the collaborative process.