Co-design, co-innovation and collaboration

Working together to design collaborative processes or develop innovative solutions to challenges

Co-design can be integrated into all stages of the research or project cycle – from inception to design, delivery, reporting and evaluation. As valuable participatory methods, the aim is to harness your team and stakeholders’ best insights, experiences and skills.

Our team can:

  • help you understand how co-design and collaborative processes can benefit your team and stakeholder groups  
  • run workshops and events 
  • co-design effective participatory processes for research, project design and communications
  • analyse, evaluate and report on processes, outcomes and impact 
  • set up cloud-based collaboration

Projects we've worked on

Supporting a collaborative process to develop the Lake Taupo Catchment Zone Plan

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council wanted to develop the Lake Taupo Catchment Zone Plan collaboratively with the zone committee. This required a well designed, tightly run facilitation process.

Groundwork facilitated a series of meetings with experts, gathering and capturing knowledge in reports for the zone committee. We facilitated a collaborative working group process with the committee to develop the zone plan, and supported them in using cloud-based collaborative tools to progress work between meetings. The successful collaborative process resulted in the zone committee taking ownership of the plan.

I was impressed by the succinctness and clarity with which Groundwork recorded what was happening in the meeting and the way they framed it into a very professional looking outcome.
Allan Kirk, Taupo Zone Manager, Waikato Regional Council

Supporting ecological trust establishment and community consultation

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust (MEIT)

Groundwork played an integral role in establishing and developing MEIT, working with them to clarify objectives, develop functions and integrate participatory methods into their work. MEIT needed an efficient, effective, low cost way to consult a wide range of stakeholders on its plan for New Zealand’s largest predator proof sanctuary.

Groundwork led a year long engagement programme to establish community partnerships. This included training local volunteers in facilitation to minimise costs and completing a massive community consultation exercise in a relatively short time.

We’ve used and referred back to that work continuously since it was done…Whenever we’ve looked at another step forward we’ve gone back and checked over whatever people’s views were at the time and made sure we’ve stayed in line with those views – so the work’s been very valid right up until the present.
Jim Mylchreest, MEIT

Managing a multi-stakeholder collaborative process to build National Science Challenge research projects

The New Zealand Biological Heritage National Science Challenge

The New Zealand Biological Heritage National Science Challenge needed to develop work plans for the initial projects outlined in their funding proposal.

Groundwork involved 140 scientists and stakeholders throughout New Zealand across six days of workshops, supported by cloud-based collaborative tools, to write the strategic focus and initial research programmes.