Our knowledge and understanding of biodiversity, conservation and fresh water helps when developing solutions for planning and managing land and water.

Decision makers need the confidence, willingness and resources to invest in the environment. This includes developing research programmes, policy and refining management systems, right through to working at the coalface with community groups and landowners to design and implement restoration initiatives.

Here’s where we can make a difference

  • Support agencies and NGOs to determine the barriers, opportunities and motivations underpinning community and agency-led biosecurity and biodiversity initiatives
  • Evaluate the efficacy of community and stakeholder engagement in biodiversity, fresh water and air quality projects 
  • Facilitate collaborative processes that enable the development of research programmes and policy to underpin sound environmental management 
  • Engage and facilitate farmers, growers and landowners to address water quality and quantity through effective land management
  • Communicate science to facilitate behaviour change that helps improve environmental quality
  • Support agencies and science providers to design logic and other models that determine actions and outcomes resulting in improved environmental quality and resilience