Our knowledge and understanding of biodiversity, conservation and fresh water helps when developing solutions for planning and managing land and water.

Decision makers need the confidence, willingness and resources to invest in the environment. This includes developing research programmes, policy and refining management systems, right through to working at the coalface with community groups and landowners to design and implement restoration initiatives.

Here’s where we can make a difference

  • Support agencies and NGOs to determine the barriers, opportunities and motivations underpinning community and agency-led biosecurity and biodiversity initiatives
  • Evaluate the efficacy of community and stakeholder engagement in biodiversity, fresh water and air quality projects 
  • Facilitate collaborative processes that enable the development of research programmes and policy to underpin sound environmental management 
  • Engage and facilitate farmers, growers and landowners to address water quality and quantity through effective land management
  • Communicate science to facilitate behaviour change that helps improve environmental quality
  • Support agencies and science providers to design logic and other models that determine actions and outcomes resulting in improved environmental quality and resilience

Projects we've worked on

Focusing research and prioritising goals


The PEATWISE research team wanted to connect and collaborate with a broader and more diverse stakeholder community, to help focus their research and prioritise their goals.

Groundwork designed and facilitated a process to gain input from stakeholders and produced a report for the research team.

Supporting ecological trust establishment and community consultation

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust (MEIT)

Groundwork played an integral role in establishing and developing MEIT, working with them to clarify objectives, develop functions and integrate participatory methods into their work. MEIT needed an efficient, effective, low cost way to consult a wide range of stakeholders on its plan for New Zealand’s largest predator proof sanctuary.

Groundwork led a year long engagement programme to establish community partnerships. This included training local volunteers in facilitation to minimise costs and completing a massive community consultation exercise in a relatively short time.

We’ve used and referred back to that work continuously since it was done…Whenever we’ve looked at another step forward we’ve gone back and checked over whatever people’s views were at the time and made sure we’ve stayed in line with those views – so the work’s been very valid right up until the present.
Jim Mylchreest, MEIT

Facilitating input into a coastal marine project

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council needed to gather information on the region’s extensive coastal marine area.

Groundwork facilitated (with audiovisual recording and note taking) and hosted two workshops at the Greenspace. We also helped to set up and manage cloud-based collaborative tools for the project steering group.

Annie realised that we needed a hands-off facilitation style, it was very valuable to have her there to help the workshop to stay on track and to collate people’s ideas and thoughts.
Hilke Giles, former Team Leader – Coastal Science, Waikato Regional Council

Streamlining effective interagency responses to pest plant incursions

Waikato Regional Council

The council wanted to strengthen its connections with and improve the effectiveness of stakeholders involved in identifying and managing pest plant incursions.

Groundwork worked with the council to identify key stakeholders and design a workshop for them, resulting in production of a response flowchart, defining interagency responsibilities and roles on notification of weed incursions.

It was great to have Annie facilitate [the workshop] and then have a couple of others on the fringe making sure all the information was being collected, nothing lost – that was pretty great. Annie’s really good at understanding the industry, so when I’m trying to explain things or when things come out in the workshop, she’s very good at knowing what we’re talking about.
Darion Embling, Pest Plants Biosecurity Officer, Waikato Regional Council