Communications and extension

Conveying information effectively

Whether it’s an issue that needs a communications strategy, or a piece of writing needing polishing, we can help you.

Our team can help you with:

  • science extension 
  • science and technical writing
  • content, copywriting, editing and proofreading 
  • photography and videography
  • media relations
  • publications production
  • event management  
  • internal communications

Projects we've worked on

Extending learnings from a farming within limits conference

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council wanted to extend the learnings from the Tools to Farm Within Limits conference.

Groundwork managed production of short videos from the event (participant and speaker interviews and critical points from presentations) which were hosted on a Vimeo channel.

Supporting the Local Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy

Waikato Regional Council

The council wanted to catalyse biodiversity change on private land.

Groundwork managed a collaborative engagement process, conducted interviews with Waikato farmers excelling in biodiversity restoration, produced three videos conveying key messages, featuring farmers supporting biodiversity on their land and identified tools to support landowners protect and restore biodiversity, as well as synergies and conflicts amongst the tools.

Upskilling Zespri staff in extension, events and facilitation


Zespri’s Orchard Productivity Centre (OPC) team needed to develop extension to support kiwifruit growers (including designing and delivering high quality events for groups of various sizes and types), train staff to help facilitate larger events and foster good relationships, train external partners to run high quality events and extension programmes and build industry interest and provide training and support for grower-led discussion groups.

Groundwork trained and mentored the OPC team to improve their extension, facilitated three workshops with the OPC team to build an event design process/framework, developed an industry-oriented course on facilitation and design, empowering employees to be good facilitators even when not a topic expert, researched discussion groups and other models and identified key elements for industry discussion groups. This has resulted in more diverse extension methods and stronger learner engagement in OPC events. The OPC team’s capacity to lead events has grown, and they’re now recognised as leaders.